Our Team

Kamalmeet Bhatia - MBA - Finance, Director

Davinder Bhatia - B.COM, ICAI, Certified Management and Accounting Professional from IMA

Davinder is a IMA Certified (CMA) USA professional. He also hold Mortgage License and help clients in financing and mortgage needs.

Davinder Bhatia has 18 years of experience in Finance, Accounting Operation accounting, Pricing strategies, Policy review , Grant applications, representation to various economics and business bodies, Activity based costing, Analytics, Performance measurement, Profit Maximisation with leading groups of South Asia and Canada i.e. Ranbaxy, LNJ Bhilwara group, JV of Comcraft and Golchaa Group of Nepal, Conros Corporation, Magna, Parmalat Canada and AFC food group .

He provide management consulting services to his clients in education, energy, telecommunication and supply chain industry.

His company Religare financials also specialise in arranging financing for SME’s and Mortgages. He also sit on Board of various Not for profit Organisations, Charities, Professional organisations, TNC’s. He has edited newsletters for various accounting professional associations and also run workshops for CE credits.

In addition to work in Toronto he is also associated with various philanthropic initiatives and support a Society for Breast cancer prevention in Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh and Uttara khand.